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Retail Services

Janitorial Services

A clean work place makes your company look better in your clients eyes. No one wants to shop in a dirty store. Employees have been known to miss less days at work in a healthy work environment. Let us show you how to become GREEN friendly.

Bosun's Chair

Window Cleaning

From 62 stories tall high rise buildings to store front we can do it all. Let our IWCA certified staff remove the atmospheric dirt and grime from your windows. Do you have hard water stains ?  We can removed them from your showers doors and windows.

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Pressure Washing

In the right hands, Steam Cleaners and Pressure Washers can restore many surfaces. Using Super Heated Water or Chemicals we can kill Covid 19 and other germs. Old World also have many different machines and attachments to remove Algae, Dirt, Gum, Oil and Paint.

Call for a free demonstration.


Kitchen Restoration

Do you have a up coming Health and Safety Inspection ? We can degrease and sterilize all of your surfaces. Leaving your food prep area clean and safe. Need some help getting your Bar or Kitchen cleaned ? We can help with your nightly janitorial services.  

Construction Demo

Construction Clean-up

Need a heavy duty clean up ?   We can help you. We are a full service Building Maintenance Company. OSHA and Hazmat certified. Bonded and Insured

for your peace of mind. No job

is too big or too small for us.


Solar Panels 2020.jpg

Solar Panel Cleaning

Keep your Solar Panels working

their best. DIrt, grime and bird droppings can negatively effect your energy savings. Have our staff soft wash your Solar Panels. Protect your investment today. You will see your savings at the meter.

Additional Services

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters remove unwanted water from your roof. They keep the rain outside of your house. Clogged gutters can cause water to run back into the walls of your house. Excessive water can destroy the foundation of your house. Cleaning your gutters will improve overall drainage around your house.


Light Bulb Replacement

Save on your electric bills. Help reduce the world energy using by replacing your old bulbs with new energy efficient ones. Just need some help putting them in? No problem we will be more than willing to help you go GREEN.


Roof Cleaning

Protect your investment by having it cleaned. Improve your curb appeal. Tile and Shingle roof can start to look discolored. Algae and Moss will cause roofing materials to prematurely fail. Let us remove those black stains on your roof. Using the right blend of Copper Algaecides or and Calcuim Hypochlorite. Spraying the roof surface down with a high volume foam bath. Rinsing the roof thoroughly with a low PSI sprayer not to damage asphalt, wood or tile roofs. You will see the full results in two weeks.


Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

CMI trained staff will test the Carpet and Upholstery material. This is to assure proper chemicals and cleaning methods are being used. We offer hot and cold water extration. Bonnent cleaning and carpet Shampooing . Dry Cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery funiture. Make your house look and smell cleaner.


Handyman Services

Do you have a Honey Do List? Need some work done before your house goes on the market? 

We are here to help you get it done! Our trained technicians will come out and get your list done. From changing those high can light bulbs to replacing those broken floor tiles. Is your sink or shower drains not working correctly? Old World can plant flowers, trees and put down mulch in your yard? Need your garage, roof or yard cleaned up? Old World Handymen will perform quality work at a fair price!   


Stripping, Waxing, and Polishing Floors

Make those old floors shine like new. Cleaning and recoating your VTC flooring will brighten up your space. Using a High gloss shine will give your floor a wet or mirrored look. Bring back the color in your stained concrete floor. Let us make your office, store or home shine from the ground up.

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