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CSLB # 1020171


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Since 1972


Old World Building Services “The right company for you” was started in 1972 by Carl J. Smith. Today Old World Building Service is now being operated by the third generation of Smith's. They have well over 120 years of unique working knowledge in the Building Maintenance Industry. Old World Building Services is a very professionally, well trained and certified cleaning service. Everyone deserves to have a cleaner, healthier and safer work environment. Let Old World Building Services clean, polish, sterilize and restore all of your interior and exterior building surfaces. We can service your individual office spaces, Commercial Buildings or your National Chain Stores. They have managed many statewide and national projects ranging from window cleaning at high rise hotels to daily retail floor maintenance. If you are looking for a new Building Maintenance Company, you have to look no further. Please contact us today at 1-800-932-1304.

​​Old World Building Services core values which they have named the 4’S,

            Service, Standards, Staffing, and Systems.

Services:  As a premier commercial cleaning company with our CSLB     D-63 Construction Clean-Up license we can offer full service  Nightly Janitorial. No job is too large for us to complete. Our floor service using auto scrubbers to clean your floors in record time. The Ultra Hi-Speed propane buffers shine your floors giving them a wet look. Cold / Hot  Water Pressure Washing from 1100 psi to 4000 psi to clean your concrete, gutters and roofs. Good old fashion Commercial Window Cleaning with buckets, brushes and  squeegees. Cleaning up your Solar Panels and Skylights with our 40 feet pure water fed poles. For High Rise Window Cleaning we are certified to use Aerial Booms Lifts, Busun’s Chairs and Scaffolding.


Standards: Old World Building Services maintains CSLB, ISSA, GREEN CLEAN and OSHA best practices on all their work sites. Old World carries

2 M  Liability, 2 M Auto and 1 M Workers Compensation insurance. 


Staffing: To became an Old World Building Services staff member you must have a minimum of four years of training. Must pass a Live scan background check. All staff must pass industry safety testing and field operation courses. We conduct weekly safety classes for our staff. 


Systems: Every work site has its own unique problems and challenges. Old World Building Services will develop and implement the right system plan for each and every work site. By combining old world craftsmanship with new age technology, we use the best of both worlds to produce superior results. Feeling a little sick at work?  It could be how your facility    is being cleaned. Smelly chemicals and dirty rags can hurt you. Old World uses a colored code system: blue, green, red and white for different surfaces. The system uses matching spray bottles, microfiber cloths, mop buckets and mop heads. This method eliminates possible cross contamination of surfaces, misuse of chemicals, and possible causing damage to surfaces. Old World Building Services only uses low odor cleaning chemicals or 250-degree steam to clean germs rather than using harsh and smelly chemicals.




Serving Customers in


San Francisco *  Los Angeles


Our Clients:



Construction Sites,

Grocery Stores,


Medical Facilities,

Office Buildings,

Shopping Centers,

State Prison

and Warehouses.

Certified by Calbcc, CPUC, CSLB, DGS, Homeland Security, MBE, NMSDC, SBA and SEED. 

Trained by CMI, CSLB, Hazmat, OSHA and SourceAmerica.

Professionally Qualification : Candlestick Park, Bed Bath and Beyond, GSA, Smart & Final, SMUD, Trader Joe's and Walgreens.


Company Information

California State Contractors License: 1020171

NACIS CODES: 38990, 561720, 561740, 561790, and 624310.

SIC CODES: 7990501, 17990502, 17990503 and 17990506.


DUNS NUMBER: 154026897

CPUC NUMBER: 20406567

NMSDC: WR02970

Insurance Coverages:

2 million General Liability Insurance

2 million Automobile Coverage

1 million Workers Compensation







CSLB # 1020171

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